At 70, I think I have never experienced such great orgasms

My life in sex: At 70, I think I have never experienced such great orgasms !The woman discovering the joys of a vibrator for the first time

Two years ago, my husband passed away. He was almost 90 when he died and we had been together for 45 years.

We had great chemistry and I loved sex in my younger years, but while he never lost his enthusiasm, mine had diminished. This loss of interest was gradual. He was retired and I worked, which meant our timing was off and we were never in the mood at the same time. We were still in love to the end, but sex had become a very rare event.

However, once he had gone, I began bringing up the memories of our sexual life together. In the early years, it had been wonderful. Eager to recapture those feelings, I purchased my first vibrator at 70, something I would have been embarrassed to do before now. It has given me a renewed pleasure in sex, and I find that Im having more fun on my own than when I had an active sex life with a partner. I dont think Ive ever experienced such intense orgasms.

Jane Langton is an adult sexual health educator aiming to transform the views and conversations on healthy sexuality. Jane is committed to educating people about how general health and sexual health are intertwined.

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I wish I had been brave enough to introduce sex toys into my marriage, but I cant imagine how my husband would have responded. Then again, perhaps I have only come to discover what my body needs later in life.

Now I know exactly what I want, and I find that the vibrator provides a tremendous physical release. Despite this renewed interest in sex, I have no desire to meet another romantic partner. Im learning to be happy alone.

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